Graduate Management Admission

Graduate Management Admission Test is administered on CAT format by GMAC to the aspirants seeking admission to the B-Schools of the US, India, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries. This Test is also a requirement for registration to the Ph. D programs at prominent universities in those countries. This Test is purely an admission test and it does not guarantee any scholarship.

The Test at a Glance

Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude sum up to 800 actual score. The percentile scores are averaged into 99.99%= 800. The scores of the AWA and IR exclude the actual score of 800.

GMAT at Education Park

GMAT at Education Park is a phenomenon distinctly different from normal pattern of instruction that is popular but low scoring in Nepal. It is material orientated instruction. We help candidates practice our outstanding material together with relevant techniques. We assure that no book or any Web material can match our products. The level of difficulty is unquestionably very high.


The course of the GMAT lasts for 80 hours at our center. We instruct two hours five days a week. The days of instruction are: SUN-MON-TUE-WED-FRI. THURSDAY AND SATURDAY ARE OFF DAYS.


Usually we do not entertain bookish questions yet if a candidate wishes to practice at our library, she can do so. We have got necessary books for practice. The lounge is free for 12- hour long stay and practice.


It’s a great opportunity for me to have been the part of Saralink since the time I enrolled, I have been experiencing good quality guidance from the highly qualified team members. Thank you!
Sandhya Shrestha
Sydney / Australia
I am very thankful to all the respective staff members of Saralink for their guidance, help and support. I am also thankful to all the concerned counsellors who were responsible for all the support in documentation, visa processing.
Pramod Shah
Bangloere / India

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