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Australia provides a unique kind of education and a learning style that encourages you to be innovative, creative and think independently. Australia attracts the third largest number of international students in the English-speaking world after the USA and UK. In some countries Australia is the students’ first choice study destination.

Australia offers an education experience that makes a real difference. Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. Additionally, they are readily accepted for postgraduate study at leading international universities.


International students are charged up-front tuition fees in Australia. These fees are very affordable and are consistently less expensive than in the UK or USA. Some institutions make an additional charge to cover other student costs. These may include student organization membership, library and laboratory costs and sports facility costs. These costs will vary depending on the concerned course or institution. The average costs are provided below and should only be used as a guide. Institutions will advise you how to pay and when to pay your tuition fees.

Undergraduate: AUD 10,000 – AUD 16,500 per annum
Postgraduate: AUD 9,000 – AUD 18,5000 per annum

Entry Requirement


Undergraduate courses require an Australian Senior School Certificate of Education (Year 12 completion from Nepal) or the overseas equivalent of Australian high school matriculation, such as three passes at GCE A Levels in appropriate subjects. Some courses may also have certain pre-requisite subjects.


Entry to postgraduate courses requires satisfactory completion of a first degree at undergraduate level (Bachelors). Demonstrated research ability or relevant work experience may also be taken into consideration Evidence of English language proficiency is required when applying for a student visa. Depending on your proposed study sector you will need to have a minimum score of 6.0 in the IELTS English test.
Australian Universities

Australia has limitless opportunities waiting for you. You can choose from a vast range of courses including traditional academic areas of learning and research, as well as more practical courses with a vocational orientation. Each of Australia’s universities has its own strengths and areas of specialization, giving you a wide choice and Saralink to the latest technology and research in your chosen field. Australian universities are major producers of research and development. They have pioneered many new ideas and technologies, leading to advances in business, science and industry. Postgraduate students learn skills in research and specialized areas that put them at the forefront of the development and application of new technologies. You can be a part of this dynamic research environment and be at the leading edge of innovative technologies and research programs.

Internationalization of higher education and research is of great importance and Australian universities are major participants in international education and research projects and initiatives. They recruit academic personnel who are leading experts in their fields from around the world. There are also student and staff exchange programs with institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Asia.
The rewards of studying at an Australian university are endless. Develop your potential in an innovative, flexible, yet supportive learning environment. Gain an internationally recognized qualification that will open doors for your future.


It’s a great opportunity for me to have been the part of Saralink since the time I enrolled, I have been experiencing good quality guidance from the highly qualified team members. Thank you!
Sandhya Shrestha
Sydney / Australia
I am very thankful to all the respective staff members of Saralink for their guidance, help and support. I am also thankful to all the concerned counsellors who were responsible for all the support in documentation, visa processing.
Pramod Shah
Bangloere / India

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